A downloadable game

How to Triangles is a game where you get to solve puzzles in an interesting and playful environment. In the game your goal is to get to pyramid at the end of each puzzle. The two mechanics you get are dragging the prisms to create platforms and jumping.

Enjoy the calming and quirky atmosphere that contrasts our challenging puzzles.

This game was made in 24 hours during a UW-Whitewater hosted game jam put on by Filament Games and the student organization GAMED.


Brandon Korth: Team Guide, UV Unwrapping, some 3D modeling, Occlusion map baking, and optimize assets for Unity3D

Kalvin S: Lone Programmer

Kristen Humphrey: 3D Modeling, Diffuse Maps

Craig Reuss: Level Design

Music: Bensound.com

Install instructions

Make sure the data file is in the same spot you run the .exe from otherwise it wont work. Web build coming soon.


How_to_Triangles.zip 11 MB